LTE Connected OwlCam For Business
LTE Connected OwlCam For Business
LTE Connected OwlCam For Business

LTE Connected OwlCam For Business

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How Do You Prove It Wasn't Your Drivers Fault?

The Owl Cam for Fleet and Business is a full feature LTE connected Dash Cam that simply works. The Owl Cam records everything while you drive and even when parked, as Guard Mode is activated to protect your vehicle.  

Over the year's we've tested numerous connected dash cams from various camera manufacturers, with lackluster results.  We can say, that after testing the Owl Cam Fleet model we are excited.  You might ask, Why?

Owl Cam Fleet Hardware:

The Owl Cam camera design is amazing.  The Owl Cam has both a forward facing lens at 1440p resolution as well as an cabin view lens at 720p resolution.  Active cooling fans ensure the cameras are operating even in hot conditions.  The Owl Cam protects your vehicle's battery by going into standby mode, when it detects your vehicle's battery voltage is low. 

The Owl Cam Fleet hardware is different from the consumer version, as it contains a 128 GB of internal storage that is good for over 120 hours of drive time.


  • Live View Video Streaming (up to 60 minutes per camera each month)
  • 4G LTE Connected Camera - on the ATT Network
  • Real-Time GPS Location
  • Automatic Capture & Upload of Collisions
  • On Demand Clip Creation - Create a 10s Before/After Clip
  • Crash / Guard Mode Alerts & Notifications

Why The Owl Cam Fleet:

The consumer version of the Owl Cam is limited to 3 devices per account and not designed for business use.  LVGPS has partnered with Owl Cam and integrated the solution into our cloud based tracking portal. 


The Owl Cam installation is fast and easy.  A typical installation takes less than 10 minutes per vehicle.  All tools are provided to make installation a breeze. Power is provided by plugging the Owl Cam in the vehicle's OBDII port.

 Subscription Cost:

 $24.95 per camera per month. Includes, Real-time GPS tracking every 60 seconds when driving, every 60 minutes when parked.  60 minutes of live streaming video, unlimited alerts/notifications.


Q. What's the difference between the consumer Owl Cam and the business version? 
A. The consumer version limits three devices per account.  The consumer version is app based, whereas the Business version is web based, that allows you and others in your company to login to a web portal to view camera information.  We also provide live gps location data in our web portal for business users to view location, set speed and boundary alerts, etc.

Q: How does the Owlcam look out for the car’s battery?
A: When parked, the Owlcam is designed to only use a small percentage of a standard battery's charge. Each time you drive, the car recharges its battery. Between drives, the camera goes into ultra-low power standby if the battery voltage is low or if you have not driven for up to 72 hours. In extreme cold, the Owlcam will go into standby to protect the battery until you start the car.

Q: Will high temperatures affect the Owlcam?
A: When the Owlcam’s electronics reach 200 ̊F, the device will go into standby and automatically recover when it cools down. Owlcam has an active-cooling fan helps keep its electronics cool. On very hot days of 100 ̊F outside or higher, the temperature inside a parked car in the direct sun can reach upwards of 160 ̊F. We recommend parking in the shade on hot days.

Q: How does my Owlcam store my clips?
A: Your Owlcam has internal memory for storage.

Q: What is that buzz/hum sound coming from the Owlcam?
A: On hot days, you may hear a faint buzzing or humming sound coming from the Owlcam. That is the fan inside the camera used for keeping the internal components cool.

Q: What does the Owlcam record?
A: Owlcam is recording everything while you drive. When parked, Guard Mode is activated and protects your car.

Q: What resolution are the cameras?
A: Owlcam records outside at 1440p ( 2X zoom ) and inside at 720p  

Q: Does the Owlcam support Teslas?
A: Yes, we support all Tesla Models that have an OBD II port. The Tesla Model 3 is not supported because it doesn't have an OBD II Port.

Q. What is Guard Mode?
A: When parked for longer than 6 minutes, the Owl Cam will go into an ultra-low power state and only record when a disturbance is detected.