PT-LTE1 4G GPS Tracker
Live Trac PT-LTE1

Live Trac PT-LTE1

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Live Trac Tracker PT-LTE1 - 4G LTE

$39.95 month, No Contracts.

The PT-LTE1 is a next generation portable battery powered GPS tracker, that updates it position every 20 feet when moving under 10 mph, and every 10 seconds when speed is over 10 mph.

Self Contained & Portable

The PT-LTE1 is completely portable, it requires no wiring, no external cases, and has an internal rechargeable battery. The battery life of the PT-LTE1 is approximately 18 motion hours. This means that if placed on a vehicle that drives for one hour per day, the battery will last for approximately 18 days.

PT-LTE1 dimensions are 4" L x 3" W x 1" H.


The PTE-LTE1 is IP-66 rated; the PT-LTE1 is dustproof and water resistant (tested with low-pressure water jets from all directions).

Neodymium Magnetic Mounts

The back side of the PT-LTE1 is equipped with two ultra-strong neodymium magnets, and when attached to a steel surface, you can be certain the device is not going to become detached from its mount.