Fleet Tracker OBD

Fleet Tracker OBD

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  • OBDII GPS Tracker
  • Fleet Trac Software - 2 minute updates
  • Verizon Data Network

Recommended For:

  • Business Vehicle Tracking
  • Small, Medium & Large Businesses

Subscription Plans:

 Starting at $19.95 per month - 2 minute updates.  No Contracts.

Fleet Tracker - Web Based GPS Tracking

Choose between a Standard (Easy to Use) or Pro (Detailed Metrics) Platform.  Designed for business use, comprehensive reporting, alerts, fuel card integration, driver ID, its all available on the Fleet Tracker Platform.

The LiveViewGPS Difference

We use dependable, proven and tested hardware components that are guaranteed to simply work as advertised right out of the box.  Our bulletproof software applications are simple and easy to use!  No hassles, no headaches.  We fully support what we sell with customer service that counts.