GPS Asset Tracker - Flash Trac
Flash Trac Asset Tracker

Flash Trac Asset Tracker

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  • 56 Channel GPS/GLONASS Asset Tracker
  • Rugged and waterproof to 3 feet. 
  • Locate On Demand - When connected to power
  • Flash Trac Web Software
  • $12.00 per month, no contracts.

Recommended For:

  • Assets, Powered Equipment, Trailers

Subscription Plans:

 $12 per month.  No Contracts.

Flash Trac - Web Based GPS Tracking

View device locations from any web enabled computer or smartphone.  View your vehicle's exact location 24/7.

When connected to external power, will report locations every 10 minutes when moving, every hour when ignition is off, all ignition on/off events, as well as all motion based events.  Will also report when low main external battery power drops below 11.75 VDC, as well as when a power connection/disconnection occurs.

When not connected to external power, the device will run on its own internal battery, reporting both stop and start motion events, and position locations every 5 minutes.  When no external power is detected the device will also report its location once every 24 hours.

Set up unlimited zones, and zone alerts.  Get instant notifications when the device is unplugged, or in motion.  Set even more events like ignition on and off, mileage alerts, posted speeds and speeding alerts!  View your assets the simple and easy to use Flash Trac Portal, Google maps integrated with map, satellite and terrain view.  Run trips, landmark history, alert history, activity detail, and speeding summary reports.

The LiveViewGPS Difference

We use dependable, proven and tested hardware components that are guaranteed to simply work as advertised right out of the box.  Our bulletproof software applications are simple and easy to use!  No hassles, no headaches.  We fully support what we sell with customer service that counts.