GPS Tracker Monthly Service Pricing

Full Service Professional GPS Tracking, service is month to month.  No Contracts.

Vehicle Tracking Service Plan
Cost: From $14.95 per month
Update Speed: From 10-60 seconds, plus every turn when moving. (faster updates available if required).  Every 60 minutes when ignition is off.
Stop Status: Live Status View
Mapping System: Google Maps. Map, Satellite, Terrain View.  View Landmarks, Map Labels, POI Labels, Clustering Option.  Custom Overlays available.
Available Alerts: Geofence Enter/Exit, Battery Voltage, Diagnostic Trouble Codes, Empty Landmark, Engine Hours, External Power Lost, Hard Acceleration, Hard Braking, Hard Cornering, Hard Impact, Idle, Ignition on/off, Input Alerts, Landmark Speed Threshold. Mileage, Power Cycle, Reminder, Speed Threshold, Tow/Tilt.  Optional: Posted Speed Alerts with Driver Behavior Monitoring via Speed Gauge.
Landmarks: Create unlimited landmarks/geofences, circular or polygonal.
Routing: Closest to, Send Directions, Time at Location.
Grouping: Assign devices to unlimited number of groups.
User Management: Regular system users, Managers with defined view access.
Driver ID: Identify & Log Drivers Identity.  Requires Flash Trac Hardwired Device.
Reporting: Trips, Landmark History, Alert History, Activity Detail, Speeding Summary, Landmark Activity, No Locates, Diagnostic Trouble Codes, Mileage, Service Reminder, Time at Location.
Applicable Devices:  

Flash Trac 4G LTE Hardwired

  • Hardwired - Power, Ground, Ignition
  • Internal Antenna
  • 4G LTE / ATT Network
  • 4 Outputs / 4 Inputs
  • Driver ID Compatible
  • Hardware Cost: $179.00
  • Monthly Service: $14.95
Installs under dash covertly. 
Live Trac G5


Live Trac G5 4G LTE Hardwired

  • Hardwired - Power, Ground, Ignition
  • Internal Antenna
  • 4G LTE / ATT Network
  • Hardware Cost: $229.00
  • Monthly Service: $29.95

Flash Trac 4G LTE OBD

  • 60 Seconds Update
  • For Passenger Vehicles / Light Duty Trucks Manufactured After 1997.
  • Installs in Seconds
  • Detects Engine Trouble Codes
  • Detects Harsh Driving Events
  • Hardware Cost: $119.00
  • Monthly Service: $14.95
Live Trac EZ

Live Trac 4G LTE OBD Tracker

  • 10 Second Updates
  • For Passenger Vehicles / Light Duty Trucks Manufactured After 1997.
  • Installs in Seconds
  • Hardware Cost: $169.00
  • Monthly Service: $29.95


Asset Tracking Service Plan

$12.00 per month. 

When connected to external power, will report location every 10 minutes when moving, every hour when ignition is off.

When not connected to external power,  device will self-power, reporting both motion start/stop events and position updates every 5 minutes when moving.  Device will also report location when stationary, once every 24 hours.

Hardware Cost: $239.00


All Satellite Asset Tracking Service Plan
1 Locate Per Day $11.00 month
2 Locates Per Day $14.50 month
100 Locates Per Month $16.25 month
200 Locates Per Day $18.25 month
Unlimited Locates $29.95 month

Satellite GPS Tracker - SmartOne C

  • Rugged All Satellite Tracker - Near Global Coverage
  • Powered via four internal AAA lithium batteries or Line Power
  • Fast & Easy To Deploy
  • Battery Life: 1 locate day, 2.5 years.

Satellite Solar Powered GPS Tracker

  • Solar Powered - 10 year battery life
  • All Satellite Tracker - Near Global Coverage
  • Intrinsically Safe
  • Fast & Easy To Deploy



Real-Time Portable Battery Powered GPS Tracker
PT-8100 Personal GPS Tracker With SOS

Flash Trac 4G LTE Personal GPS Tracker

  • 4G LTE Tracker
  • SOS Panic Button Enabled
  • US / Canada / Mexico / Worldwide
  • 60 Second Updates When Moving
  • Flash Trac Platform
  • $19.95 month, no contracts.


LiveTrac Portable Battery Powered GPS Trackers

Live Trac LTE-1 Covert GPS Tracker

  • 4G LTE GPS Tracker
  • 10 Motion Hour Battery Life
  • Self Contained Magnetic Mount
  • 10 Second Updates when Moving
  • Live Trac Platform
  • $39.95 month, no contracts.